November 22nd, 2019
 | Calgary, Alberta

Government MLA, MP, County

Miranda Rosen - MLA

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John Barlow - MP

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Blake Richards, MP

Blake Richards photo

First elected in 2008, Blake Richards was re-elected for a third time in the new ridingFirst elected in 2008, Blake Richards was re-elected for a third time in the new ridingof Banff-Airdrie on October 19, 2015.Blake serves as the Official Opposition Shadow Minister Democratic Institutionsand for Tourism.While serving on the government side of the House of Commons, Blake chaired twostanding policy committees and was Chair of the Parliamentary Tourism Caucus. Healso frequently represented the government in regional and national media.Always focused on the needs of his constituents, Blake has three times been namedCanada’s Best Constituency MP as well as Hardest Working MP, and in 2015received a Canadian Tourism Award for his work in Parliament on behalf of thetourism industry.


Constituency Contact Information

Airdrie Constituency Office


16-620 1st Avenue NW

Airdrie, Alberta

T4B 2R3

Phone Number: 403-948- 5103 or Toll Free at 1-800- 667-0410

Fax Number: 403-948- 0879

E-mail Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Parliament Hill Office

Contact Information


House of Commons

Ottawa, ON

K1A 0A6

Phone Number: 613-996- 5152

Fax Number: 613-947- 4601
E-mail Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Community Office Hours

The first Thursday of every month at the following locations:

–      Canmore, 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. at the Civic Centre, located at 902-7 th Avenue

–      Banff, 12 noon to 1 p.m. at the Rundlestone Lodge, located at 537 Banff Avenue

–      Cochrane, 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. at Cochrane Dodge, located at 6 River Heights Drive


Rocky View Councillors

Division 1: Mark Kamachi


Southwest Rocky View County, Bragg Creek
403-861- 7806
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Boards & Committees

  • Agriculture Service Board
  • Bow River Basin Water Council
  • Elbow River Watershed Partnership
  • Municipal Emergency Advisory Committee
  • Policy and Priorities Committee
  • Rocky View West Recreation District


September Update


I hope everyone had a wonderful summer. As for myself, as evidenced by last month’s photo review, it was busy and fun. There’s never a shortage of things to do, good or bad, as your councillor. Thankfully, most of it has been good. Thanks to everyone for being so understanding and patient with myself, my colleagues and administration/staff. We are collectively working harder to make Rocky View the envy of every municipality in Canada.


It’s hard to believe that at the time of this writing we’re finally experiencing a stretch of sun and warmth that resembles summer: a stretch of sun and heat, smores by the fire and incessant scratching of mosquito bites. Although this summer’s weather pattern didn’t provide enough of this so far, there is still hope as summer doesn’t end until the 23rd. If there’s a sunny side to this, at least we didn’t get inundated with smoke from wildfires as we saw in previous summers. I’ll breathe to that.


A FireSmart update


I want to thank the residents who made the effort and took the time to take advantage of the second Rocky View County Chipper Days held on the weekend of August 11th and 12th at the Bragg Creek Water Plant. We took in twice the amount of pick-up/trailer loads over the inaugural event held back in September. That’s over 85 loads equating to about 4000 pounds (1800+ kilograms) of green waste.


I also want to thank those who made this possible: the volunteer FS Committee, volunteer Fire Services members from all over RVC (Redwood Meadows, Bearspaw, Elbow Valley and Langdon) and the volunteer residents who came out to lend a hand. They worked tirelessly throughout the weekend in the pouring rain and cold to make this a huge success. Their efforts deserve a huge round of applause (insert sound effect here). Let’s make the next one even better. Please keep your ears and eyes open for the announcement of the next Chipper Days event planned for this month. Again, keep FireSmart on the top of your ‘to-do’ list. Just because things are cooling down doesn’t mean you should when it comes to FireSmarting your property.


Moving on. Or not.


I am talking about the intersection at the convergence of Highway 22, Highway 758 (White Avenue which is under provincial jurisdiction) and Balsam Avenue. As far as what I have been told by Senior Leadership at RVC, we are awaiting for our Transportation Minister, Ric McIver’s response to RVC’s letter requesting that the Province maintain the previous Government’s commitment to fund the project and complete the upgrade with RVC funding 25% of the project. Let’s hope that the conversation continues between all government levels and our Tsuut’ina neighbours.


Flood Mitigation


With all land acquisitions complete we hope to see construction begin shortly. As winter approaches, RVC will get moving on this so that little time is wasted in moving forward for infrastructure that this area is in dire need of. It has taken many years of conversations and negotiating to get to this step, let’s just get the flood mitigation built and move forward. Enough already.


A Pipeline just west of Hwy 22


If you’ve noticed the pipeline construction activity just north of the Highway 8 traffic circle on Highway 22 along Township Road 242, you’re not paying attention to the road. Eyes forward.


The West Path Delivery Project is part of Nova Gas Transmission’s (a wholly owned subsidiary of Trans Canada Pipelines Ltd) expansion project whereby they will be constructing 22.5km of new pipeline along with related infrastructure between Cochrane and lands just west of Hwy 22 in Division 1. For full details, Google “NOVA Gas Transmission West Delivery Project”.


More Road Construction


Finally, when our traffic issues seem to become more and more of a discussion point we have to remember, we do not have the luxury of year round construction opportunities. We have to pave while the ground is hot.


You’ve been seeing and experiencing the reorganization of the cloverleaf at the intersection of Highway 22 and Highway 1 being conducted by Alberta Transportation. This is being done in the name of safety. I’m sure many of you have experienced the ‘near misses’ not to mention having heard of deaths that have occurred in that vicinity. Please make sure you adhere to the warning signs, posted speed limits and traffic controllers as you make your way trough there. Have patience, respect the workers and drive safe.


Again, thanks for your time and please feel free to chat me up anytime. Follow me on Facebook @Mark AdSamurai Kamachi or Councillor Mark Kamachi, Instagram and Twitter.


Drive safe. And smile.


– Cheers, Mark


Division 2 - Kim McKylor


403-462- 9207
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Boards & Committees

  • Municipal Emergency Advisory Committee
  • Policy and Priorities Committee
  • Rocky View School District/Rocky View County Joint Working Committee
  • Springbank Park for All Seasons Agricultural Society


Division 2 Update - A Look back at October 


 Halloween pumpkins give way to Remembrance Day, which will then give way to Christmas.  It is amazing to me how fast time goes when marked by the important events or holidays in our lives. 


 Rocky View County held its annual organizational meeting on October 22nd.  Our Reeve & Deputy Reeve remain the same. I continue to be very involved on many boards and committees, as I learn more and more about this great County we live in, I’m keen to be involved and support RVC where I can.  I would like to be considered for Deputy Reeve next year, so I’m hoping all this experience enables me to be ready! 


 I will be on the following boards/committees this year: 


 Agricultural Service Board ALUS Partnership Advisory Committee Subdivision & Development Appeal Board (Alternate) Family and Community Support Services Board Governance & Priorities Committee (Vice-Chair) Recreation Governance Committee (Chair) 


 In addition, I sit on a number of external boards/committees including: Spray Lake Sawmill Recreation Parks Society Board of Directors Springbank Airport Community Noise Consultative Committee Springbank Park for All Seasons 


 Needless to say, I’m pretty busy representing the County, but I do love it! 


 The board I’m quite excited about this year is the newly formed Recreation Governance Committee.  This board will focus on recreational strategy and needs throughout the County. This is important because as we grow in population, attracting young families and aging demographic we need to ensure we are responding to the needs of people as population groups change. 


 There are times and places where it makes absolute sense to rely on recreational delivery from a neighbouring municipality, and there are times and places where it makes much more sense to invest into our own County.  This won’t be an either/or recreation model, it will be a combination of population base, community interest, distance from a municipal neighbour, etc. I’m looking forward to the completion of our master recreational plan so we can invest in recreation in a meaningful way and in a way that adds value to Rocky View Residents. 


 People have asked me why my focus has been on recreation?  I think their asking me that because they’ve never seen me wear skates, jog or bike down Springbank Road, I don’t like swimming too much, don’t throw curling rocks or swing a bat.  We are an empty nest house now, so not for the kids either – so why? It is important to me, and I know others, that believe a community is made up of more than just houses. More than people.  More than just commuting to work in the city. More than just the space that we treasure around us. It is about creating those spaces that bring people together. It involves people and the places we’ll interact with them.  Yes we can all drive into the city, and play in a pool or gym, buy some groceries, go out for dinner – but we’ll do so in an anonymous way, likely not even bumping into anyone else you know and having that grocery cart chat. That casual place where random conversations are able to happen, to share a bit of you with someone who lives down the road.  It is important to create spaces where those connection points will happen. That is how we build community. Recreation, along with schools, community businesses, employment and restaurants are the cornerstones to creating community, and this is why it is important to me.   


Alberta Government’s New Budget:   


 Many municipalities will hit hard by the Province’s newly released budget.  Spending for our two largest municipalities was recently criticized by Minister Madu, of Municipal Affairs.  Rocky View County is in pretty great shape, being able to adjust to these changes without a major impact on municipal property taxes or project cancellations, this year.  That is good news for residents. In the upcoming years we’ll have to make decisions on the timing of larger projects such as roadways, bridges, recreation centre and other capital projects.  We have largely kept up our infrastructure up-to-date, and we have used some of our own funds (rather than the reliance of Provincial grants) to accelerate certain projects. We may only be a County of 40,000 residents, but in terms of municipal economic assessment – we are the 5th largest in the Province.  We have a good commercial/residential tax base ratio that will see us through these challenges. The review of our Municipal Development Plan is more critical than ever, as we see Provincial/Federal pull back of support and more and more services downloaded to Municipalities. We’ll need to have an even stronger plan that we have today to meet these challenges. 


 Coffee Chat night: 


 November is a pretty busy month for me with Budget meetings; RMA (Rural Municipalities of Alberta Conference; and a FCSS (Family Community Support Services) Conference, so I’m deferring my coffee night to the beginning of December.   Eggnog will be served! 


 December 5th, 4pm to 7pm Harmony Discovery Centre 26 Arnica View 


 I’d like to take the time to thank Harmony for providing this community use space free of charge to me.  Having no community centre (I’m working on it!) – this is a big help. 


Upcoming Events: 


 November 4th, 5th & 6th – Special Budget Council Meeting (County Hall) November 4th – 11:00am – No Stone Left Alone Ceremony - Garden of Peace Cemetery November 7th – 7:30pm – Concert: An die Freiheit ($25) – Opera, Ode to Freedom (Fall of Berlin Wall) Polaris Centre for the Performing Arts November 26th – Council Meeting November 27th – Municipal Development Plan Open House – Springbank – 5:00pm – C3 Church 91 Commercial court (Dec 2nd in Bragg Creek; Dec. 3rd Bearspaw) 


 Recently approved Development Permits: 


 Renewal of single lot grading; stockpiling & placement of clean fill, 250045 Mountain view Trail Renewal of home-based business (Yard Services); 34165 Township Road 240A


Division 3: Kevin Hanson


Elbow Valley, Springbank
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Division 3 – Councillor Update – October 2019


Hello everyone,


I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving with their families, and took some time to focus on their most important things. 


In this update, I want to thank everyone who was able to make it to the Town Hall Meetings in late September. We had a great turn-out. Councillors Kissel, Wright and I held the Town Halls to not only tell our story, but to also determine if we had the support of our communities. We can honestly say that we have that in spades - the support was overwhelming and greatly appreciated. Residents were able to hear our story and ask their questions and we believe the meetings went really well.


During our town halls it was announced that a petition has been launched. Many of you who wrote asking the Minister of Municipal Affairs to intervene into our sanctions were advised that he could not get involved as the matter was being challenged in court. One of his recommendations was to have residents sign a petition asking the Minister to investigate into the management, administration and operation of the County. Well, some residents have decided to take him up on his offer and do just that.


Information about the petition can be found at Unfortunately, the petition cannot be signed online as all signatures must be witnessed in person. If you'd like to sign the petition, please go to the web site and let them know - they will arrange to collect your signature.  There will be times/places set up where you can drop in and sign - as soon as there is  information about those signing sessions, they will be posted to the web site as updates. The residents who initiated the petition are always looking for volunteers to collect signatures. If you think you'd be able to help, please drop them a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


As mentioned during our Town Hall Meetings, because we as your elected representatives are sanctioned, effectively all of the residents we represent are also sanctioned. You do not have the same voice that residents of the remaining divisions of Rocky View enjoy. As residents you currently have more rights in talking with Rocky View County, or our municipal neighbours than we have as Councillors. 


We exhausted all avenues to have the sanctions dealt with by working with Municiple Affairs, our own legal advisors, or appealing to our colleagues. At this point our only option to have the sanctions removed is to challenge them in court. Although we filed in early August, our court date was pushed back from October by the County's lawyers and is now set for January 22nd. However, this remains a costly endeavour and we could really use your help. The resident group, Rocky View Taxpayers Association, has set up a fund raising page to assist with our efforts - We are already into this for $30k of our own personal funds while the Council majority is fighting us with your tax dollars. If you believe this is a worthwhile cause for democracy at RVC, please consider donating and shouldering some of the burden. In the month since the Town Halls in September we have raised almost enough to cover July and August's legal costs. September's are soon due, and legal costs will continue into January. Any contribution is very much appreciated, and ensures that we are able to continue the strategy to deal with the sanctioning most effectively, and for the long term.


Thank you for all your continued support. You are the reason we are taking on this battle and are willing to go the distance to ensure the voices of  residents of Divisions 3, 8, and 9 are no longer are repressed, but return to being fully heard at Rocky View.




Please contact me with any concerns or feedback that you would like me to represent to the County Staff or to my fellow Council members – OFFICE 403.520.1290, CELL 403.463.1166, EMAIL This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Rocky View County News and Views


Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. What is a Code of Conduct?

A code of conduct is a document that Council creates to ensure respectful interaction and appropriate behaviour. The rules implemented in a Code of Conduct have been debated and agreed upon by Council


  1. Does Rocky View County Council have a Code of Conduct?

Yes. The Code of Conduct Bylaw is a requirement of the Municipal Government Act and was passed by this Council unanimously in 2018.


  1. Are councillors required to abide by the Code of Conduct?

Yes. All councillors have agreed to, and are bound by the Code of Conduct as established by Council.


  1. Who determines if a councillor has breached the Code of Conduct?

After a complaint is made, Council does not determine whether there was misconduct.  The complaint is sent to an outside third party to determine if there is or was actual misconduct. Rocky View County Council passed a resolution to appoint Reynolds Mirth Richards Farmer as the legal firm directly responsible for any misconduct investigation.


  1. Who determines sanctions?

Should misconduct be found by the third party investigator under the terms of the Code of Conduct bylaw, Council would apply sanctions they deem appropriate, depending on the seriousness and severity of the misconduct. 


  1. Is sanctioning a councillor legal?

Yes. Section 146 of the Municipal Government Act mandates the requirement of creating and implementing a Code of Conduct, and Alberta Regulations 200/217 outline specifically Council’s sanctioning authority.


Rocky View County’s sanctions were fully vetted by legal counsel prior to their implementation and they fall squarely into the authority granted to Council.


  1. Can Council fire a councillor?

No. The Municipal Government Act has very strict guidelines on how a councillor may be removed from office. Typically that can only be done through the Court of Queen’s Bench.


  1. What are the duties of a councillor?

Section 153 of the Municipal Government Act clearly defines the duties of a councillor.  It can be seen at


  1. Why have the three councillors been sanctioned?

The three councillors were sanctioned by Council for releasing confidential information. This is a serious matter as it creates significant mistrust amongst Council. Councillors must trust that matters discussed in private stay confidential. Section 153 of the Municipal Government Act states that one of a councillor’s duties is “to keep in confidence matters discussed in private,” and “to adhere to the Code of Conduct established by Council.”

The three councillors were also sanctioned for the language of a public written communication.  Councillors are free to express their ideas and opinions.  However, under the Code of Conduct any public communication is required to be professional and respectful.


  1. Did the sanctions include a reduction in pay?

Sanctioned councillors have seen a reduction in their workload.  In fairness to the taxpayers of Rocky View County, Council determined that a reduction in pay relative to this reduced workload was appropriate.  It should be noted that the remaining councillors have picked up the sanctioned councillors’ workload, and although their workload has increased they are receiving no increase in their pay.


  1. Can the sanctioned councillors still represent their division?

Yes. Nothing in the sanctions preclude the councillors from performing their duties as a councillor. They participate in Council meetings both in debate and by voting; in the creation or amendment of policy; in the budget process; and in all other matters that may come before Council in a Council meeting.


  1. Do councillors only represent their Division?

No. Section 153 of the Municipal Government Act states clearly that councillors must “consider the welfare and interests of the municipality as a whole…” Although councillors are elected in a Division, their responsibility lays with the representation of the public interest across the municipality.  It is acceptable and encouraged for councillors to think outside of their own areas.


  1. Can sanctioned councillors speak with residents?

Yes.  There is nothing preventing any councillor from meeting, emailing, phoning, texting, mailing, speaking to, or in any other way communicating with residents.


  1. Can the sanctioned councillors still deal with individual resident concerns?

Yes. Council has made it possible for the sanctioned councillors to bring their individual resident concerns either to an open Council meeting or by passing their concerns on to the Reeve or Deputy Reeve who in term will pass those concerns to Administration.


Residents may contact their division councillor, but they can also contact any other Rocky View County councillor if they prefer.  All councillors are committed to representing all Rocky View County residents.


  1. The sanctioned councillors have been removed from Boards and Committees. Are residents no longer represented if a division councillor does not sit on a Board or Committee?

All residents are represented by any councillor who sits on any Board or Committee.  It is not unusual to have Boards or Committees where not all councillors sit.  For example, the Agricultural Service Board has three Council representatives, and the Enforcement Appeal Committee only one.  Those councillors represent all Rocky View residents.


  1. Can sanctioned councillors receive County information?

As required by the Alberta Municipal Government Act, any information from the County is available to all councillors, including reports, memos, correspondence, emails, etc.


  1. My councillor always seems to be on the losing side of resolutions and votes. Is that fair?

Our system of democracy is based upon the will of the majority, not upon the will of the minority. Effective councillors will work with all other councillors to promote their goals and vision, and gain consensus and agreement with a majority of their Council colleagues.


  1. Are the sanctioned councillors allowed to enter the Rocky View County office?

Yes. The sanctioned councillors have the same access to the Rocky View County facility as any other councillor. Any rumor or statement otherwise is untrue.


  1. Do administrative staff work for Council?

No. Council has only one employee and that is the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO). The CAO is the administrative head of the municipality and all staff report to that person not to Council or to any councillor. The Municipal Government Act stipulates that the CAO determines how information flows to Council and to individual councillors.


  1. Are councillors supposed to have access to staff?

The sanctioned councillors have complete access to question staff during Council meetings. Sanctioned councillors, through the Reeve, can forward any resident concern to staff for items that require immediate attention. Generally speaking, no councillor has a reason to speak to staff on a daily basis, and no councillor may direct staff to do anything. Staff work for and report to the CAO.


  1. Who determines whether the conduct of the CAO is proper?

The CAO works directly for Council.  The performance of the CAO in his/her duties is evaluated by Council, and the majority of Council determine whether the performance of his/her duties is acceptable to Council.  The current CAO had a six month performance evaluation completed in June of 2019, and overall Council was very pleased with performance.


  1. Is Council pleased generally with the quality of the Rocky View staff?

Yes. Rocky View County Council is very pleased with the quality of the staff that work for the County. Council feels they are blessed with great people who care immensely about Rocky View County. Statements made by certain councillors differing from that opinion speak for themselves and not for the majority of Council.


  1. The sanctioned councillors have launched a lawsuit against the County. Who is paying for their costs?

The sanctioned councillors have refused to accept the sanctions as placed on them through the Code of Conduct bylaw and instead have decided to fight the sanctions in court. As this is an action they have taken against the County, they are responsible for their own costs. The County’s legal bill is not paid by residents, but instead through insurance that the County has for these types of legal issues.


  1. When will the sanctions end for the sanctioned councillors?

The sanctions are scheduled to end in October of 2020, however Council can end the sanctions earlier or extend the sanctions as Council deems appropriate.