September 16th, 2019
 | Calgary, Alberta

Government MLA, MP, County


An update from our new MLA - Miranda Rosen is pending.


Blake Richards, MP

Blake Richards photo

First elected in 2008, Blake Richards was re-elected for a third time in the new ridingFirst elected in 2008, Blake Richards was re-elected for a third time in the new ridingof Banff-Airdrie on October 19, 2015.Blake serves as the Official Opposition Shadow Minister Democratic Institutionsand for Tourism.While serving on the government side of the House of Commons, Blake chaired twostanding policy committees and was Chair of the Parliamentary Tourism Caucus. Healso frequently represented the government in regional and national media.Always focused on the needs of his constituents, Blake has three times been namedCanada’s Best Constituency MP as well as Hardest Working MP, and in 2015received a Canadian Tourism Award for his work in Parliament on behalf of thetourism industry.


Constituency Contact Information

Airdrie Constituency Office


16-620 1st Avenue NW

Airdrie, Alberta

T4B 2R3

Phone Number: 403-948- 5103 or Toll Free at 1-800- 667-0410

Fax Number: 403-948- 0879

E-mail Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Parliament Hill Office

Contact Information


House of Commons

Ottawa, ON

K1A 0A6

Phone Number: 613-996- 5152

Fax Number: 613-947- 4601
E-mail Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Community Office Hours

The first Thursday of every month at the following locations:

–      Canmore, 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. at the Civic Centre, located at 902-7 th Avenue

–      Banff, 12 noon to 1 p.m. at the Rundlestone Lodge, located at 537 Banff Avenue

–      Cochrane, 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. at Cochrane Dodge, located at 6 River Heights Drive


Rocky View Councillors

Division 1: Mark Kamachi


Southwest Rocky View County, Bragg Creek
403-861- 7806
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Boards & Committees

  • Agriculture Service Board
  • Bow River Basin Water Council
  • Elbow River Watershed Partnership
  • Municipal Emergency Advisory Committee
  • Policy and Priorities Committee
  • Rocky View West Recreation District


July Update


Noooooo! We can’t be into July already? 

So what’s been happening in Div 1? First, I want to thank everyone who attended the SR1 Information Session held at the Bragg Creek Community Centre on the evening of June 17th. There were roughly 200 residents, politicians, the media and a panel of experts who brought facts and insights into why the Springbank Reservoir/Dam proposal is full of holes and that the McLean Creek has to be given full consideration. Let the experts and their research and scientific analysis determine the health, environmental, cost/benefits, engineering, etc make the most sensible decision for residents of Bragg Creek, Jumping Pound, Redwood Meadows, Springbank and Calgary.


Council has passed a motion to hire a lobbyist on the County’s behalf to assist in advocating for the provincial government to, as stated by Richard Barss, acting executive director of Community Development Services, “to see the fulfillment of council’s endgame – the Government of Alberta pausing the SR1 project and reconsidering all possible options equally.” In the end, lets hope that common sense prevails and collectively all communities both up and down-stream are protected.


Flood Mitigation

With regards to flood mitigation, I just received news that Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP), under the Water Act has given RVC approval to move forward. Also, all land negotiations required to construct flood barrier structures have been completed. This now allows RVC to commence the tendering process. The only other approval that stands in our way is from the Federal level, Fisheries and Oceans. We hope to hear from them by mid-summer and if all goes according to plan, we could see construction begin in September.



I want to thank those of you who have or are about to take part in the free and confidential FireSmart property assessment being conducted by RVC Fire Services. It’s an important and often eye-opening realization as to what we may deem safe to be the opposite. I for one will be participating in an assessment of my own property and plan to share the results in a future communication, most likely in a vlog via my “Councillor Mark Kamachi” Facebook and YouTube channels. Please Stay tuned.


Councillor Sanctions

As you may have heard on the radio, read in the papers or online, or via the gossip channels, yes, in a majority vote of Council, three councillors were sanctioned for conduct that broke Council’s Code of Conduct Bylaw: Councillors Kevin Hanson (Div 3), Crystal Kissel (Div 9), and Samantha Wright (Div 8).


Two main issues surfaced. First, they made attacks against colleagues which were discourteous and disrespectful in a newspaper “Letter to the Editor”. Second, a more serious offence, they released privileged and confidential legal information to an unauthorized party without the consent of the rest of Council.


As a councillor, my job is to work with my colleagues, administrative staff and residents to make this great municipality the envy of all others, and to do it respectfully and courteously. Whether we agree or disagree with decisions, we operate democratically and holistically for RVC. These councillors chose discourse that was unbecoming of public officers and it has not only affected Council and our CAO but me personally. In the end, with all of the distractions created by the actions of these councillors, the sanctions had to be implemented. It was not an easy decision.


See you in September

I’m looking forward to the August break from council meetings but rest assured, for those of you who know me, I will always be at your service. So play it safe, drink your milk and get some sun. See you around.

– Cheers, Mark


Division 2 - Kim McKylor


403-462- 9207
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Boards & Committees

  • Municipal Emergency Advisory Committee
  • Policy and Priorities Committee
  • Rocky View School District/Rocky View County Joint Working Committee
  • Springbank Park for All Seasons Agricultural Society


Division 2 Update - Summer Review & Upcoming events


Welcome back from what I hope was a glorious summer for you.  While the weather wasn’t the best in and around Rocky View County, we had a few plus 30 days and no wind.  I managed to get away for a couple of weeks to BC where it was definitely warmer. I also enjoyed a few rounds of golf this summer and just heading to the driving range to practice.  Now that it is September, things will get busy for all of us, back to reality! 


During the summer I also participated in many events supporting Rocky View County and our residents.  Starting with the Farm Family awards for Southern Alberta, Rocky View County’s first pancake breakfast in our new building where I saw many of you, Rocky View County’s Agricultural Tour, which was pretty fantastic to experience our diverse agricultural sector and meet so many new people, and speaking on behalf of the County at the Glenbow Indigenous Peoples Day as well as numerous meetings and conversations with many Division 2 residents.  It has been a busy summer! 


Around the Division…. 


Fall Fair:  of course, the biggest event for us in Springbank is our Fall Fair.  This year’s event is happening on September 7th at the Springbank Park for All Seasons.  Rocky View County will have a booth setup, so please stop by to say hi! I’ll be there along with members of the Rocky View Administration, Fire Department and our CAO, Al Hoggan will be there for much of the day.  We’ll have some giveaways for the kids and even some for the big kids (while supplies last). Also, a draw for a power washer, so ensure you enter! The draw will happen at our Council meeting on September 10th. The Fall Fair is also a great time to find out what is happening in our community for the little ones as well as adults!  


Enforcement:  School is about to start so this means our School Zones will again be in force (and enforced!).  From the hours of 8am to 4pm the speed limit along RR 33 by the middle school, and again by the High School along RR 33 and Springbank Road is 30/km hr.  Outside of these hours the speed limit is 70 km/hr. Our school zones are NOT playground zones, which means they are only in effect on school days. School holidays, general holidays and weekends, when there is no school, 70 km/hr is the speed limit.  I know someone gave me some very expressive hand gestures on a holiday Monday when I drove past them and the middle school at 70 km/hr one day – so know the school calendar – you can find it on the Rocky View Schools website. Also, don’t think you can bypass the school zone by travelling down Huggard Road – this is 40 km/hr area and is also heavily enforced at school start up – so be safe for everyone – no need to hurry! 


Speaking of enforcement, sometimes things can take a LONG time to get resolved when there is an enforcement action.  When this Council began in 2017, we all thought we could do better when it came to enforcement of our bylaws. So much so, we asked our interim CAO at the time to hire an outside consultant to interview all of the Council members, senior leaders and staff of the Enforcement Department.  This resulted in a number of changes both organizationally as well has how enforcement was managed.  I mention this in particular because during my campaign trail, especially for those folks in North Springbank traveling along RR 33, complained about the large dirt pile on the corner of RR 33 & Township Road 250 left behind from the construction of the Edge School.  This dirt pile has been an eyesore for over 10 years, especially given that is one of the two gateways to North Springbank and into Harmony. 


The owners of that land (not the Edge School) had long standing enforcement actions for this dirt pile.  They have been fined. They tried to get a development permit, which was denied, which was appealed, which was denied again.  There was a board order from the Development appeal board to have the site cleaned up by November, 2018. Well that came and went, the owners were fined again and still no action.  The County then took the owners to Court and received a court judgement that the County could enter the site on August 23rd, remediate and apply the cost of that remediation back to the land owner on their taxes.   I’m thrilled to report that this work is almost done! Enforcing our bylaws is important, otherwise there is no point having them. While the size of the County makes this work challenging, and it takes much longer than I’d personally like – we can do, we will do it! 


Rural Crime:  See Jim’s update below, but please plan on attending an important Townhall sponsored by our MLA, Miranda Rosin.  Miranda has asked the Minister responsible to join her and speak to the Government of Albert’s work on this file.  Minister of Justice and Solicitor General Doug Schweitzer will be hosting this event on Thursday, September 5th from 7pm to 9pm at the Springbank Heritage Club.  Please attend – this issue is far too important to all of us and we need to represent to ensure both our MLA and the Minister understand the importance. I know it is a busy week with school starting – so please try to fit this in! 


Approved Development Permits (August only): 

Application for single-lot regrading and placement of clean fill for berm construction, 7 Meadowlark Lane 

Application for single family home – 66 Juneberry Heights 

Application for Contractor, tenancy, signage for contractor business with sea containers, #5 135 Commercial County 

Application for single-lot regrading and placement of clean topsoil, 55 County Lane Terrace 

Application for Automotive, equipment and vehicle service, 250095 Mountain View Trail 

Application for entry feature signs, Harmony 


 Upcoming Community Events: (complete detail & more at:


Important:  Municipal Development Plan open houses: September 4th – Langdon September 5th – Bragg Creek September 9th – Bearspaw September 10th – Springbank September 11th – Conrich September 12th – Rocky View Offices 


PLEASE attend a session – it is very important to have as many voices as we can.  I can assure you that those that want the County to be a landbank for Calgary, Cochrane and Airdrie show up.  If you have a different vision for Rocky View – make sure your voice is also heard. In my opinion, Rocky View County is its own entity.   We can and should plan for ourselves. Think about what services you may want now and as your age, or what amenities would help sell your home, if you want your kids to work in their own community, do we need more recreation, do we need more housing types and forms, do we need  businesses to contribute higher taxes to the County for increased revenue & projects, or are things fine the way they are – there are no right/wrong answers – but your thoughts may not be represented by a special interest group – so please get involved! If you are unable to attend, please complete a survey at (closes on September 1st, 2018) 


FREE First Aid Course!  September 13th. Held at Bass Pro Shop at CrossIron Mills.  Course description indicates this is a two day course, but only one day is listed on the calendar – so I’m not 100% sure on this.   Sign up though as space will be limited. 


Check out the Springbank Community Page for even more community info. 


Finally, no coffee chat night in September, rather please come and chat with me at the Springbank Fall Fair! 


Division 3: Kevin Hanson


Elbow Valley, Springbank
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Division 3 update – September 2019 - Kevin Hanson


I thought an update on the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board (CMRB) activities for the past few months may be of interest to Springbank residents.  The CMRB consists of representatives from ten municipalities: Airdrie, Calgary, Chestermere, Cochrane, High River, Foothills County, Okotoks, Rocky View County (RVC), Strathmore, and Wheatland County.  These municipalities are mandated to develop a long term plan for managed, sustainable growth in the Calgary Region. The voting Board members are all the Mayors and Reeves. The CMRB is chaired by Chris Sheard who is employed for this role.  The Government of Alberta is also at the table with a non-voting representative from Municipal Affairs.


The CMRB has three committees: Land Use, Inter-municipal Servicing, and Governance.  Six municipalities send Councillor representatives other than their Mayor or Reeve to serve on these Committees, while Airdrie, Chestermere, Okotoks and Rocky View carry on with single-person representation.


The voting structure of the CMRB is a supermajority of not fewer than 2/3’s (I,e, 70% of the members and 70% of the population are required to approve a resolution).  This means that the City of Calgary has to be on-board with any resolution for it to pass due to the population distribution in the region. On the flip side, it also means that the City of Calgary needs at least 6 neighbours to support resolutions that Calgary wants to advance.  This proves to be an interesting dynamic where, if the Board follows its mandate then good business can be done, but if everything falls apart, all development will be grandfathered and limited to old and potentially outdated plans, and new development will grind to a halt.


The Board has developed and approved the “Interim Growth Plan” (IGP) and accompanying it is an important document called the “Interim Regional Evaluation Framework” (IREF).  So far under the IGP, the Board has received 4 submissions:


  • 2019-01 Airdrie Ironwood Station Neighbourhood Structure Plan (Amendment)
  • 2019-02 Wheatland County: West Highway 1 Area Structure Plan (Amendment)
  • 2019-03 Rocky View County: Municipal Development Plan (County Plan Amendment)
  • 2019-04 City of Calgary: Westview Area Structure Plan.


The 2019-01 Airdrie submission was approved under the IREF, not challenged and came into effect May 3, 2019.  The 2019-02 Wheatland County submission was approved under the IREF, not challenged and it became effective August 2, 2019.  Rocky View County’s 2019-03 submission was approved with advisements under the IREF, but challenged by Calgary and it remains in progress.  The City of Calgary’s 2019-04 submission was just submitted July 30 and is in progress.


RVC’s submission includes removing hamlet population-caps county-wide.  Calgary’s Westview ASP is located just west of Crestmont and is of interest to Springbank residents in particular.


For an example of the typical flavour of a meeting, at the July 4th Inter-Municipal Servicing Committee meeting, the CMRB technical advisory group (TAG) reviewed progress on it’s “Logical Extension of Water and Wastewater Servicing” study.  In addition, “Natural and Managed capacity of Water Supply” and “City of Calgary Disaster Risk and Drought” documents were presented back to back, with both topics being very sobering and spurring good discussions.


Work continues on the final CMRB Growth Plan, due in January 2021, but more on that later.  Please see for more details if you are interested.


Please contact me with any concerns or feedback that you would like me to represent to the County Staff or to my fellow Council members – OFFICE 403.520.1290, CELL 403.463.1166, EMAIL This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..