January 19th, 2018
 | Calgary, Alberta

County Responds to Growth Management Board Amendments

Rocky View County has submitted its response to amended draft regulations for the Alberta government’s mandated Calgary Metropolitan Region Growth Management Board.

“The Province only allowed 14 days for public comments, and right in the heat of a municipal election. Given the impact this will have on Rocky View County, we’re very disappointed with the lack of time given for people to provide input,” says Reeve Greg Boehlke.

A lack of public consultation has plagued the Growth Management Board process from the very beginning, Boehlke says.

“At no point did the Alberta Government ask residents and property owners in the Calgary region if they wanted to see autonomy taken away from their elected councils and given to
an unelected board. Municipalities near Calgary and Edmonton will see their authority and the rights of their landowners eroded, and many people have no idea it is even happening.”
Read the full article at: https://www.rockyview.ca/NewsEvents/News/tabid/145/Article/1261/County-Responds-to-Growth-Management- Board-Amendments.aspxGrowth-Management- Board-Amendments.aspx